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Why Trump needs to be Speaker and not 47.

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Donald Trump sits in a unique position in political history where he can become more powerful than a sitting President as a former President. The U.S. House of Representatives will likely change hands in the fall election of 2022. The House is a the closest America comes to mob rule, it is an unruly body that is closely accountable to the voter or more accurately described as to the whim of the voter. The House, even as a mob has the rudimentarily elements of leadership and uses political influence, favor, and any number of sticks to drive the respective caucuses to support a particular parties agenda. So why or how would President Trump want to be the speaker?

The House rules do not stipulate that the Office of Speaker come from the House Membership. This allows a simple Republican majority to install President Trump into the office. The Presidency has a limitation in terms of how long a President can be influential in driving the legislation process. A lame duck President like Joe Biden may pass a piece of legislation early in the term but his influence will wane much like that of a second term President. The Speakers Office, offers President Trump an opportunity to have limitless time in office outside of his health to remain in office. As long as the Repbulican caucus controls the house and as long as he can use the established tools of House leadership Speaker Trump gets to set the agenda for the Nation.

The Presidency has several sources of power, the veto is a one common lever the President can pull at any time. But, imagine if you will if Speaker Trump could simply whip up enough votes to override a lame duck President Biden? The power of the purse also resides in the House, the Speaker does not necessarily cut personal checks for spending but does control the process of the House and could use the House ways and means committee to establish spending and taxation priorities.

What is the real value of Trump seeking the Speakership, and ultimately having a Desantis Presidency? Speaker Trump could enact his greatest revenge on the House and Senate by pursing term limit legislation, the draining of the swamp as a rallying cry for the Trump Presidency was stymied on various fronts during his time in office. Why would a member vote against their own future? Well the mob known as the house would likely not want to incur the wrath of the electorate, especially one is galvanized by the rhetoric of a Speaker Trump. Congressman or woman today, senator, mayor or governor tomorrow, the class of politician that occupies the halls of power in Washington understands there are other venues to seek power, personal enrichment, and self aggrandizement. This class of politician used public funds and apparatchik to stymie the office of President Trump. Most notably the use of Impeachment was a roadblock that certainly hampered his administration. The greatest revenge Speaker Trump could leverage would be to permanently keep the current crop of swamp dwellers out of the House and Senate Chambers forever.

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