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Bidens handlers have access to his Twitter account

Joe Biden’s handlers have posted a tweet stating that “We’re ending 2021 with what one analyst described as the strongest first-year economic track record of any president in the last 50 years.” While no context is provided for the state approved comment the question has to be asked if people merely regaining their employment they had before the Covid Hysteria constitutes a growing economy. Small business were destroyed by the polies implemented by the left. It is factual that the red states such as Florida and Texas have seen both their populations and economies grow since the start of the pandemic, the same cannot be said for Californiastan and their touchy-feely comrades in New York.

What is occurring is the small business owner is leaving the world of entrepreneurship and returning to the 9-5 work force jut to keep their homes and families fed. With that move back to the “living wage” comes a loss of individual spirit and will, but also the creative spark that drives innovation on the small scale that may blossom into new industries. History is replete with the Dells, Nikes and Ebays that started off in people’s garages. What happened during the pandemic is larger corporations instituted capacity limits and lockdowns that smash small business and they did this trough the veil of legitimacy by having the people they donate to in elected government do it for them in the name of safety.

The plandemic has enriched tech oligarchs and friends of Joe but has crushed small business and left people on “the benefits” for almost two years now. The “Let’s keep the progress going.” stinger at the end of the tweet is a reminder that while the President may be in cognitive decline his handlers are more than aware what they are doing to average Americans and could not be happier.

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