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A Florida Convention could unite the Republican past and future

The Republican National

Committee is considering Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nashville, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Salt Lake City, Utah for the national convention. While pundits will speak to the merits of a battle ground city/state being the host, the question has to be asked why Florida is not being considered. The state has taken a measured approach to COVID-19 restrictions on liberty and freedom and is more solidly Republican as a state based on recent voter registration. The state has the infrastructure and allure of destination that can attract such an event. A complicating factor for the committee may be the nomination of President Trump or Governor Desantis, both reside in Florida and are wildly popular with the electorate. A brokered convention or drag out fight on the nomination floor similar to the democrat convention of 1968 is to be avoided as the scenes on television severely impacted the image of the democrat party.

The nominating convention will be the best case for demonstrating grass roots support for the party and the nominee. Holding the convention in a blue city and purple state only invites democrat statists to impose restraints on the Republican party and their convention as to impeded the political process. Likewise, the risk of political violence from democrats and their militia known as antifa is exceedingly high. The burn and loot mob that terrorized average Americans in the summer of 2020 will likely flow into a city like Pittsburgh to disrupt the political process with acts of destruction, and violence. Antifa has had less success with their burn and loot tactics in Republican states.

The solution may be the combination of a Trump and Desantis ticket. This political marriage would relieve the tensions within the party and would likely energize the electorate. The balance of a Trump policy with a Desantis future, a future that may provide long term stability might be the balance the party needs. Joe Biden as the current occupant of the White House is not long for this world, between age, health, and his performance, Joe is not going to win let along run in 2024. His party will be left with little future at the national level as his Vice President would have troubles winning a position in her HOA let alone a national race.

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